2.4 Women’s Issues Department of Frankfurt/Main

Frankfurt is home to some 330,000 women – one third of whom are migrants. Women thus make up some 51 per cent of the City’s 650,000-strong population. Since as early as 1989, the City Council section responsible for women’s issues has actively lobbied for equal opportunities for the women of Frankfurt – not just in the labour market, but in society as a whole. We are proud to say that our work and efforts have paid off. Having achieved much on behalf of women in Frankfurt, we are optimistic about the future and all that remains to be done.

Main Focus

  • Labour market policy, initial technical and vocational training, and education
  • Combating violence towards women
  • Girls’ policy, culture and sport
  • Urban development and planning

Our work is based on two underlying strategies: women’s promotion and gender mainstreaming.

Achievements and Aims

  • Develops concepts and measures for systematic gender equality policy
  • Designs and finances projects for greater equality
  • Acts as a service provider for women and girls, and establishes contacts with advisory services and public agencies
  • Promotes intercultural understanding amongwomen
  • Informs and advises local people
  • Acts as a cooperation and network partner for public agencies, organisations and institutions –both regional and supraregional
  • Aims to combat injustice, discrimination and human degradation
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Funded by:and
European Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth.

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