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The Metropolitan Police Service has its headquarters in New Scotland Yard in London. It is by far the largest of the police services that operate in greater London.

The Metropolitan Police Service employs approximately 31,000 officers, 13,500 police staff, 400 traffic wardens and 2,000 Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs), and, since the realignment of police boundaries in April 2000, it covers an area of 620 square miles and a population of 7.2million.
It covers the 32 boroughs in the greater London area, but does not cover the City of London (as this is covered by the City of London Police, a separate police organisation).

For further information: www.met.police.uk/

The Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate

The purpose of the Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate is to:

Drive improvements in the quality of policing for all Londoners by

  • responding to and meeting the needs of all colleagues and communities
  • promoting diversity to improve performance
  • building the trust, confidence and satisfaction of those we serve and those with whom we work.

It exists to support the transformation of the MPS into a citizen focused service. The six strands of diversity that the Directorate focuses on in particular are:

  • age
  • disability
  • faith/ belief
  • gender
  • race
  • sexual orientation

Citizen focus policing is a way of working in which an in-depth understanding of the needs, experience and expectations of individuals and local communities is routinely reflected in decision-making, service delivery and practice.

For further information: www.met.police.uk/dcf/

Performance, Development and Monitoring Unit (PDMU)

The PDMU is the central point for gathering, co-ordinating, monitoring, developing and analysing diversity and citizen focus related information (on both service delivery and employment practices) to identify emerging issues and good practice. It combines social research skills with performance and crime analytical skills.

It is responsible for presenting an overview of this information at quarterly Diversity Board meetings. In addition, the PDMU is responsible for developing links with internal and external partners/stakeholders in performance, employment and service-delivery areas that overlap with the strategic direction of the Diversity and Citizen Focus Directorate. A further responsibility of the PDMU is to conduct longer-term social research projects.

For further information: www.met.police.uk/dcf/pdmu.htm

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