2.1 Antidiscrimination department of Vienna

The Anti-Discrimination Unit for Same-Sex Lifestyles of Vienna was implemented in 1998 and is part of the City Councillors Office for Integration, Women’s Issues, Consumer Protection and Personnel. Two officials and one assistant are working in the unit.

Main tasks are:

  • Making suggestions to local government and local administration of Vienna about how to minimize discrimination of LGBT people according to legal situation. Most laws concerning LGBT rights are national laws. Federal provinces like Vienna are authorized to enact laws only within a very limited framework.
  • Provide counselling for people experiencing discrimination on grounds of sexual identity or sexual orientation. A main issue in counselling is discrimination at the workplace.
  • Education
    Workshops about the legal and social situation of LGBT people are held for employees of the municipality, for students, social workers, nursing schools, apprentices of the City of Vienna and for various organizations dealing with equal treatment and diversity. The workshops aim at raising (political) awareness and encouraging discussions about issues like antidiscrimination legislation, transgender people at the workplace lesbian mirgrants etc..
  • Networking and Cooperation
    To achieve the aim of ending discrimination of LGBTs, the Anti-discrimination Unit of Vienna stays in close contact with NGOs, municipal departments and other relevant organizations. The unit provides information and supports international projects in being cooperation partner.

Angela Schwearz
Angela Schwarz


Angela Schwarz: 0043-1-4000 81449


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European Commission and the German Federal Ministry of Family, Seniors, Women and Youth.

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