1.4.2 Research of University of Darmstadt, Germany

Even though the number of same-sex partnerships is estimated as negligible (Zona, Palarea & Lane 1998, Meloy & Gothard 1995), it is worthwhile looking at them in the context of domestic violence. Research on stalking in the context of gay and lesbian partnerships is at the very beginning. A study of the Technical University of Darmstadt, Germany (2006/2007) shows that most stalking in same-sex context was motivated by the desire to regain partnership, hurt feelings, jealousy and anger. Where the stalker was the former partner, victims describe their partnership as shaped by jealousy. In half of the cases stalking activities already had been started during partnership. None of the victims experienced police or law as supportive. Almost 45% of perpetrators said that they had stalked other persons beforeFurther information: www.stalkingforschung.de

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