5.6 Actions taken by police

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(i) Action taken by the police officer

The MPS operates a positive action policy, which means that the responding police officer has the power to arrest the perpetrator if there is evidence that an offence has been committed, even if the victim does not wish to make an allegation. The overall arrest rates were 24.7%.

(ii) Action taken by the police officer when the suspect was present

In over half of the incidents, the suspects were present when the officers arrived. In cases where the suspect was present, the arrest rate increased significantly to 48.1%.

Further details about the action taken by the police officers can be seen in the graph below:


(iii) Police action after arrest

Out of those incidents where an arrest was made:

Just under half of the of the offenders were cautioned,

  • one in five offenders were charged,
  • one in eight offenders were dealt with in another manner (such as being given a fixed penalty notice), and
  • in one in seven cases victims refused to make any allegations against the suspect.


Of those suspects who were charged or had proceedings taken out against them (and became known in the crime records as “accused” persons), one in five had previous convictions and were therefore previously known by the police and one in five of the accused also had criminal records on the police national computer.

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