3.1 clearing questionnaire

Most of women help lines, women shelter houses and other social services additionally use questionnaires, i.e. including victim’s expertise into their decision taking. Some of them aim at assessing risk of lethality and are structured similar to above outlined example:

Answering YES to 5 and more indicates a high risk:

Does your partner

  • Attacks you physically?
  • Throwing things at you?
  • Breaking your things?
  • Derogates you in front of others?
  • Humiliates you?
  • Belittles you?
  • Threatens to seriously harm you?
  • Threatens to harm one of your children?
  • Threatens to harm your pet?
  • Told you, s/he cannot live without you?
  • Being jealous or possessive?
  • Accuses you of having affairs?
  • ·Insists on accounting for every minute of your time without her/him?
  • Stalks you?
  • Checks up at your workplace?
  • Keep you away from chosen family and family of origin?
  • Threatens to ‘out’ you?
  • Act like hurting you is your fault?
  • Forced you to have sex with him/her?

Answering any of following items YES indicates high risk

  • Has s/he ever used a weapon (e.g. knife) to threaten you?
  • Did s/he ever ask you to kill him/her with a weapon s/he was getting?
  • Did s/he ever tell in detail how s/he will kill you?
  • Has s/he ever attempted to kill you?

Other questionnaires aim at identifying risk factors and may contain questions as follows. Again, they are victim oriented questionnaires.

Escalation/Risk of Lethality

  • Has the frequency of violence increased?
  • Has the severity of violence increased?
  • Did you experience dissolution of restraining factors?
  • Has a weapon, including household utilities, been used?
  • Did your partner threaten to use a weapon against you?
  • Does your partner say that no one else can have you if s/he cannot have you?

Risk factors

  • Is your partner daily drinking alcohol?
  • Is your partner consuming illicit drugs?
  • Is your partner violent outside home?
  • Is your partner angry/hostile toward you?


  • Does your partner killed or injured your pets?
  • Does s/he accuse you of promiscuous behaviour?
  • Is s/he constantly jealous of you?
  • Does s/he use degrading names?
  • Does s/he blame you for the violence?
  • Does your partner control your daily activities?
  • Does frequency of violence increases during pregnancy?

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