4. Mindset of the facility/organisation

Working with female and/or lesbian perpetrators of domestic violence means to accept the idea that women can be aggressive, angry, hostile and violent. Since a lot of women’s organisations/facilities support women who have been victims, several considerations have to be taken into account:

  1. Objectives of the social service/counselling centre need to include women as perpetrators. This decision needs to be carried by all stuff members.
  2. The facility should subscribe to violent free behaviour and support a climate of non-violence. 
  3. Female perpetrators should be treated respectfully and supported to change.
  4. There is a high probability that violent women have been victims of violence in their lives; but present, they are perpetrating violent acts toward their partners, children, family, friends or strangers.
  5. Providing safety of victim is imperative.
  6. Treatment should be based on immediate stop of violence.
  7. At a women’s centre, victims and perpetrators accidentally can meet. Measures should be taken to reduce risk at minimum.
Women’s space is not free of violence. Dealing with violent women simply means to make women’s violence visible. Violent women have a right to get all support they need to end their abuse. It is women’s duty to meet them with respect but demanding violent-free behaviour at the same time.
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