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The State-Trait Anger Expression Inventory-2 – STAXI-2 by Charles D. Spielberger 1999 is a revised version of the STAXI, developed by Spielberger in 1994.  The ‘Spielberger test’ measures anger as a personality trait and as a psychological condition. STAXI-2 is a 57-item inventory containing of six scales, Trait Anger, Anger Expression-Out, Anger Expression-In, Anger Control-Out, Anger Control-In, and State Anger. Even though it targets at adults and adolescents, a major target group are psychiatric patients. Since it covers ‘normal personalities’ as well as ‘psychopathologies’, the tool can be characterized as a clinical one. A STAXI-2 test takes about 20 minutes. The STAXI-2 is an instrument which should be used by professionals who have completed an advanced level university course in psychological testing, as well as training under the supervision of a qualified psychologist. It has to be noted that the STAXI-2 manual provides no information on temporal stability (test-retest reliability).
Individuals rate themselves on 4-point scales that assess both the intensity of their anger at a particular time and the frequency that anger is experienced, expressed, and controlled: Anger Expression Out: expression of anger toward other people or objects in the environment; Anger Expression-In: holding in or suppressing angry feelings; Anger Control-Out: controlling angry feelings by preventing the expression of anger toward other people or objects in the environment; Anger Control-In: controlling suppressed angry feelings by calming down or cooling off. Final scale for anger trait is Anger Expression Index. The scales for state anger are: Feeling angry, feeling like expressing anger verbally, feeling like expressing anger physically.
Even though STAXI and STAXI-2 have been developed in the US of America, European versions in national languages are available. Due to copyright we will not publish a version, bus sometimes free test versions will be found on the internet.  

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