3.1.5 Contact with victim and present partner of perpetrator

There is no unitary viewpoint on contacting the present partner and/or the victim. The (lesbian) woman might still be with her partner or already be in another partnership. Sometimes partnerships contain more than two people.
There are some serious reasons to address the victim/partner:

  • If the victim is not the present partner, she might be endangered as well.
  • If there are more than two, the other partners might be endangered as well.
  • The perpetrator might abuse information gained in the training to put pressure on her partner(s).
  • The perpetrator might lie to her partner about her presence at training.
  • Obtaining a history of partner’s abuse; validating the statements of the perpetrator at intake.

Contacting the partner, some deliberations have to be taken into account:

  • The facilitator contacting the partner should not be the same managing the group.
  • The partner/victim should be informed about curriculum, philosophy and time schedule.
  • The partner/victim should be offered victim support.

Nevertheless, the participant needs to agree to this modality. If it is a condition of participation and the participant does not agree, a decision has to be taken: exclusion versus successful participation. Risk markers might be helpful to evaluate the outcome of the participation.

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