3.1.1 Philosophy

  • Violence is an essential part of a hierarchal structured society and is used to maintain and perpetuate domination, power and control.
    Thus the exertion of violence has an individual and a societal level: Violent acts of lesbians are embedded in a society which is organised in a hierarchical structure discriminating people on grounds of their race, age, ethnicity, descent, physical and/or mental disabilities, sex and sexual orientation.

    Violent behaviour is learned and therefore alternative, social acceptable behaviour can be learned:

  • Lesbian perpetrators have to take over responsibility for their violent acts;
  • Violent acts are motivated, but not necessary cognitively intended;
  • Violent acts have an aim;
  • Violence is no destiny but changeable;
  • Violence in lesbian partnerships is not restricted to a certain social class or ethnicity.

The program is designed to support women stop violent behaviour by achieving following objectives:

  • Assist the participant to understand that her acts of violence are means of controlling her partner’s action, thoughts, believes and feelings.
  • Increase the participants understanding of the causes of her violence by examining the cultural, subcultural and social contexts in which she uses violence.
  • Support participant’s willingness to change by examining the negative impact of her behaviour on her relationship, her partner, her friends and herself.
  • Encourage the participant to become accountable and to accept responsibility.
  • Provide the participant with practical information on how to change violent and abusive behaviour.
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