3.1.9 Selection of participants

Before someone will participate at the training, the decision has to be taken to put the woman into the group. Therefore at least one personal meeting is necessary to take that decision. Within this selection process several conditions have to be clarified and/or transmitted:

  • Risk assessment:
    • Process and pattern of violence (toward present and past
      partner, children, acquaintances and strangers).
      • Severity of violence.
      • Frequency of violence.
      • Growth of severity of violence.
      • Living conditions, i.e. shared home.
      • Substance abuse (e.g. alcohol, drugs etc.).
    • Employment.
      • Circle of friends.
      • Children.
    • Police reports.
    • Mental health problems (e.g. previous abidance in
      psychotherapeutic clinics).
    • Self-destructive behaviour.
    • Openness and honesty about her use of violence.
  • Information about services available to her in the subculture and in the community.
  • Explanation of conditions of access and exclusion.
  • Explanation of main points of training.
  • Procedure in case of recidivism.
  • Financial contribution.
  • Signing of an agreement about proceeding and content of the social training.
  • Signing permission to talk to the partner about the content of the training as well as talking to other organisations of the intervention network.

Since the educational social training aims at women/people who do not suffer from severe psychological problems (disorders, traumata ect.) and/or substance abuse, those aspects should be treated before participation. Violent behaviour is not based on personal or family dysfunction but on a choice taken. This means, the perpetrator learns to see violent acts as an option on a par with non-violent behaviour.

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