3.1.7 Setting of training classes

The concept of social training is based on small groups since it can be assumed that only few women will take part at this training. Therefore the number of group members should not exceed 8 and should not be less than 4 people.

Since the aim of the training is to ensure long-term changes, the program should last 6 month plus intake and follow up. Group sessions should take place once a week and last about 2 hours. The modules presented cover 45 hours.

Further, trainings should be managed by two trainers, so they a) cannot get involved into group dynamics and b) can reflect their own position. The trainers should reflect group composition, i.e. if it is offered to heterosexual and homosexual women; they should represent this composition as well.  

Finally, training classes should take place at safe and anonymous places to guarantee the safety of the participants.

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