1.2.2 Reinforcement of behaviour of perpetrator

As long as no one challenges her behaviour, the perpetrator has no motive to stop using violence and change her behaviour. As in any other case of criminal action, if bystanders do not intervene, perpetrators feel righteous or even backed in their action. Thus, silence, not naming the violence, supports perpetrator’s perception and may even convey the message of shared values.
If a community acts, it is quite often more an expression of helplessness than of mature deliberation: Occasionally violent women are simply banned from places or excluded from groups. The problem seems to be solved as soon as violent women are excluded and removed. But indeed, this is not the case. Even worse, violent women may feel victimised because their way of thinking and reflecting on the world is not challenged.
Community action needs to be based on careful consideration and discussion and lead to joint action.

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